Workshop Fiona Benson

Saturday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (The Holiday Inn)

Fiona Benson – S/he do the police in different voices
This workshop will explore what happens when we let different voices into our poems. What do they say, how do they say it, and what imaginative worlds do they open up? How do these voices stir up the dynamics of a poem? Looking at examples ranging from John Berryman’s Dream Songs to Daljit Nagra’s Ramayana and Anne Carson’s Red Doc>, we will work on conjuring different voices and inviting them to run amok in the varied rooms of our own poems.

Fiona Benson lives in rural Devon with her husband James Meredith and their daughters, Isla and Rose. Her pamphlet was ‘Faber New Poets 1’ in the Faber New Poets series, and her full-length collection Bright Travellers (Jonathan Cape, 2014), received the Seamus Heaney Prize for first collection and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. Her second book is Vertigo & Ghost (Cape, 2019)

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